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Ive tried all time management apps in the store and TDF Time fits best for my needs. Simple and intuitive interface with all relevant features. Nice email reports.

Excellent time and expense software

I have been very impressed with this software and recommend it to associates using the iphone. It is an efficient all-in-one place to track my time, mileage and expenses by client and by project. I like the flexibility of being able to track mileage by the km or odometer and time by the timer or straight entry. I wish it would filter projects by client and maybe import direct into quickbooks. I was even surprised to receive feedback on my request for features. Kudos for a very useful piece of software

Excellent Product, Ver 1.5

Having used this product for a few weeks now, mainly on the road this product tracks everything I need to follow. The exporting reports to email to send back to the office or clients is amazing. Simple and straight forward is just what the doctor ordered. The backup to MobileMe or through email is fantastic for multiply devices. The support is quick and customer satisfaction is top on there list of priorities. Well done from a VERY happy customer.

A Keeper!

Great one-stop tool for freelancers and anyone else who tracks billable hours, expenses and mileage against separate contracts. It gets the job done!


I use this app every day and find it to be a great tool. Would I like to see more features, of course, like GST/HST or VAT in expenses, receipt capture and perhaps even custom format for export (to support invoicing). Better online sync would be a definite plus, especially if it supported multiple uploads (for staff). But regardless of the wish list it makes my life and ability to run a business from an iPhone or iPad a breeze!

Good and simple

Good app with simple and intuitive interface. I love the fact that my common tasks are just a few touches.

Great App

This app is a great tool that I use every day. Many apps are a drain on my productivity, so its great to have one that enhances it! The latest update improves on a good thing.

Great app

I use it everyday to keep track of my time for work. They need two tweak that would make it perfect for me and others who just keep track of their time: (1) make it possible to get rid of the milage and expense feature (you can turn if off partially but not completely) and (2) make the Projects client specific (I have lots of clients and each client may have lots of Projects open. Searching through the Project list for all client trying to find the correct one, is a bit of a pain).

This is a great app.

I wish I can pull report base on selected multiple projects instead of one at a time. I should have an ability to create vendors and tasks and pull report on each of them. Great app though. Beat Cube.

TDF Time Tracker Is a Good Tool

Well done! Use it to track projects time & expenses. Very nice! Tanks!

Good app!

Application is simple and easy to use. I use it everyday. Helps greatly with billing.

Works as advertised

The break paradigm is a bit odd but it is easy to work around if you dont want to use it. Ive used this for several years and does the job well.

Excellent app for time and expense

I use it all the time for my consultancy. Love the fact I can output to a csv file. Looking forward to more updates.

Awesome small business app!

I love this app. I use it for my home based business to track everything from time spent on projects to mileage and expenses. At work, I use it to track my mileage and then email myself a great little report to submit for reimbursement. I bought it for the mileage tracker as I was tired of having to write everything down and manually figuring out how much mileage went into each project. Now, I just run a report and I can see exactly how much time, mileage and expenses Ive put into all my projects. The only thing I wish it could do, is sync through iCloud. Having to remember if Ive backed up from my iPhone, or if I last used it on my iPad, is the only challenge Ive had with this app.


The app is great. I use it daily. Couldnt be happier with it.

Consulting P.Eng.

A very useful and full featured app - I am very pleased with it.

Works well for me!

I love this app. I use it track my time for several different clients. One suggestion Id make is the fact that exporting your data fromt he app to a .csv file all the entries are separated by a line. I cant sort or filter my results when they are all separated by an empty line So I have to manually remove each line before I can use the data. I wrote a macro to do that for me now but it would be great if you could just have all the results appear without the lines in the first place. A minor inconvenience for a highly recommended app!


Great ap. helps to track associated expenses as well as easily breaking down project task tracking

It does the job

This software is a gem when time come to bill if you are doing consulting, develop KPIs and feed it with data and creating your expense account as well as your mileage. I tried many of similar software and this one is one of the best

Time tracker

Super program. Used daily to keep track of jobs, expenses, milage. At the end of the day or end of week I can send a full report to the office and they love it. Just wish they had a section for monies received. Other than that its perfect.

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