TDF Tracker – Time, Expense and Mileage Tracking App Reviews

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Program was by far better than any mileage, time, or expense tracker I had used. The only issue I have is that when its emailed to someone it doesnt appear the same as shown. I would like a pdf format.

Simple But Powerdul

Have this app for many years. This is the time tracking app that fits my needs completely. I would go try some new and fancy apps. Then, always come back to this app because the other apps make time entries a lot more complicated then it needs to be. What I love the most about this app is its simplicity. But it has all the advanced features that I need: timers, tracking client, project, and tasks. And expense tracking (although I dont use it often). Also the ability to email and print reports. And its the only app Ive tried that lets me set decimal places for hours. The other apps only go to 0.25 for example. This app lets you set it to rounding to 0.3 (because this is the way our work time entry system would accept). Some request: Please make it easier to edit Client, Project, and Task lists. In fact, I have no way of "editing" except to add a new one and delete the old one. Also it would be nice to clock in and out at the home page where the lists of entries are. Thank you!

Love this App

This is a great App. Makes tracking of time & mileage very easy. Will also track expenses but I dont have a need for that part. Makes great reports also.

Time, Expense, Mileage Tracking and Reporting made simple

Ive been using this app for about 2 years. Im a technology consultant that deals with multiple clients. TDF Tracker is so incredibly easy to use. The report function provides the right details that my clients need to see to support my invoices. I also have done some general construction contracting on the side and was able to track my workers time and produce reports that supported what their pay was for the week. My wife uses it in the role of paid trustee of a trust to support her billing for time, expenses and mileage. A very, very versatile application. Best of all, their is no online service that you need to pay a monthly fee for like most of the other time tracking options. If your an individual that just needs to track your own time and expenses or just a few other people, this is a GREAT way to go.


I have been looking for an app to do what this one does for a long time. Its simple yet powerful and the interface is fairly intuitive. If you have multiple clients, with multiple projects or jobs and several tasks for each and need to track time, expenses and mileage then look no further. Yes, the app is 10 bucks, but if you miss billing or getting reimbursed for 20 miles, one lunch or an hour of work, youve lost more than that. The reports are clean, well laid out and have the option to preview before submitting or printing. The app also links to Dropbox for backup. Ive had probably 10 other apps trying to find one as perfect. Save yourself time and frustration and look no further than here.

Very Serviceable App

Ive tried numerous time tracking apps, and found Time Tracker to be the most useful and easy to use. I dont need complex tracking; as a consultant, my primary need is keeping up with billable hours. Time Tracker does this simply without a lot of folderol.

Great App / Everyday user

Yes, this is a great app that I personally use everyday.

I depend heavily on this app

Im a small business owner who bills for my time. I also have to track mileage. This app makes those things very easy. It works well and has become part of my life.

Lifesaver for small business or road warrior

This app is a must have for anybody that owns their own small business or that must turn in expense accounts. It would be nice if you could attach an hourly rate, but this isnt an accounting app, it is the best tracking app I have seen. Thanks for simplifying my life with one less headache!

Time tracker

Super program. Used daily to keep track of jobs, expenses, milage. At the end of the day or end of week I can send a full report to the office and they love it. Just wish they had a section for monies received. Other than that its perfect.

Simple, straightforward and FAST

I’ve been using it for about 3 years for consulting, and absolutely love it. It’s a perfect on-the-go quick time-entry system with effective UI, ease of backup and emailable reports that come in .csv for easy importing. For the cheap price, it’s literally paid for itself thousands of times over.

Great App

I was looking for a simple app the can be used to track time and expenses for multiple projects. This app does a great job. Very easy to use. I have recommended it to many of my coworkers. If it had the ability to link to a receipt image it would be perfect.

no longer works with IOS8

Used to be a great app but no longer works properly with the iOS 8 upgrade please fix !!!!

Perfect for small businesses

Owners of small businesses often find themselves working all hours of the day and night. This app is perfect to keep up with your time. Recommend this to anyone in business for themselves.

Great resource tool!

TDF Tracker has been helpful tracking time for my "at home" job! Im able to log down time, mileage and expenses which I never did before to calculate pricing. Instead of everything being filed on sticky notes, I can have it all organized through the system. Worth the price!!

Just about perfect

Ive tried a lot of apps to keep track of time and mileage and none of them worked as easily for me as this one does. Can they make improvements? Sure, but only to nit picky things. The core of this app is solid. Dont settle on another until youve tried this one. I think youll like it as much as I do. Keep up the good work.

It is awesome.

It is so cool.

It does the job

This software is a gem when time come to bill if you are doing consulting, develop KPIs and feed it with data and creating your expense account as well as your mileage. I tried many of similar software and this one is one of the best

A great, fast and easy app

I have been using this app for several years. It is easy to master and really easy to work with in real time. It sends a email report of the months work which I can drop into excel or Numbers, customize to the fields I want, and its ready to submit to the powers that be. A great help.

Doesnt keep track of hourly totals

Doesnt keep track of hourly totals

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