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TDF Tracker app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 5520 ratings )
Business Productivity
Developer: Technical Data Freeway, Inc.
9.99 USD
Current version: 1.8.8, last update: 8 months ago
First release : 23 Sep 2008
App size: 41.12 Mb

TDF Tracker is an easy to use, powerful tool for those who need to keep track of time/expenses/mileage. Potential users include consultants, lawyers, accountants, contractors and freelance designers - but can include anyone needing a flexible tool for tracking such items. While you could buy one app as a tracker for billable time, another as a mileage reimbursement log, and yet another for reimbursable expense record keeping - if you are looking for the simplicity of one combined application to truly save you time - then TDF Tracker is the perfect choice.

• intuitive interface makes it easy to be up and going quickly
• quick entry of client, project, and task (time) / type (expense) / purpose (mileage)
• quick time entry - can be entered using the timer or manually entered/adjusted
• flexible timing increments
• basic time tracking by duration or more advanced tracking that includes start/end/break
• single or multiple running timers
• along with time, you can easily track business expenses and mileage for reimbursement
• supports both miles and kilometers
• support for multiple currencies (Dollar, Pound, Euro, Yen, etc.)
• add notes to any entry
• daily summary visible on main screen
• quick and easy reporting system
• daily, weekly, monthly and custom reports
• reports can be filtered by client/project
• detailed reports can be emailed - in a format that allows pasting into Excel
• reports can also be included as csv attachments
• backup/restore your database to Dropbox
• backup/restore you database via email
• supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion

If you have a suggestion for making TDF Tracker better, please visit our website and submit a feature request. We are always looking for ways to improve TDF Tracker. You can also contact us if you are interested in helping translate/localize for your language.

Pros and cons of TDF Tracker app for iPhone and iPad

TDF Tracker app good for

Ive tried all time management apps in the store and TDF Time fits best for my needs. Simple and intuitive interface with all relevant features. Nice email reports.
I have been very impressed with this software and recommend it to associates using the iphone. It is an efficient all-in-one place to track my time, mileage and expenses by client and by project. I like the flexibility of being able to track mileage by the km or odometer and time by the timer or straight entry. I wish it would filter projects by client and maybe import direct into quickbooks. I was even surprised to receive feedback on my request for features. Kudos for a very useful piece of software
Having used this product for a few weeks now, mainly on the road this product tracks everything I need to follow. The exporting reports to email to send back to the office or clients is amazing. Simple and straight forward is just what the doctor ordered. The backup to MobileMe or through email is fantastic for multiply devices. The support is quick and customer satisfaction is top on there list of priorities. Well done from a VERY happy customer.
Great one-stop tool for freelancers and anyone else who tracks billable hours, expenses and mileage against separate contracts. It gets the job done!
I use this app every day and find it to be a great tool. Would I like to see more features, of course, like GST/HST or VAT in expenses, receipt capture and perhaps even custom format for export (to support invoicing). Better online sync would be a definite plus, especially if it supported multiple uploads (for staff). But regardless of the wish list it makes my life and ability to run a business from an iPhone or iPad a breeze!
Good app with simple and intuitive interface. I love the fact that my common tasks are just a few touches.

Some bad moments

I had gotten a little sloppy with my task tracking and needed an app that would prevent me from having to reconstruct my day-to-day activities at month end. I tried a couple others that were cumbersome at best before I found this one. It works perfectly for my business & makes month-end invoicing a breeze, plus it even tracks my mileage! Thank you!
Best parts are that it is simple to use and navigate as well as the ease of creating reports. The necessary improvements to make this a 5-star rating for me are: 1) Additional customizable fields 2) Allow for multiple mileage entries for separate jobs in a single day 3) Have the ability to enter payments for services rendered 4) Have the ability to "close out" a job when payment is remitted in full 5) Have the entry lists revert to the most recent entries when entering a new expense. That would make this app just about perfect for me. However, the simplicity of this app is certainly its strength.
Easy to use, does what I want it to do - makes notes about time spent in the moment so I dont forget. I like that it remembers names of jobs and tasks - it means that the app gets more useful as time goes by. Recommend.
I have not found anything as clean or easy to use. The features are intuitive yet not lacking abilities. The export CSV to email is HUGE!!! Nice job....
Im just using the time tracker. Im very pleased with the ease of use. Turned a tedious chore into a simple pleasant task.
TDF Tracker tracks time, expenses, and mileage all in one application. It works well for me as a consultant because of its flexibility. On any given day, I can add time, mileage, and expenses for a variety of different clients. I can add notes to each entry and categorize each according to project and/or task. I like the comprehensive report that I can email to myself in an Excel-readable format, which I can then modify and import into any program I like. The report provides a useful summary up front. Therere a couple of small changes I would like to see: - I would like to be able to track mileage to tenths of a mile. - I would like to be able to set the start time, and then start the timer. This would be handy if I remember after the fact that I need to start the timer. Right now, I can either start the timer, which leaves the end time open, or set the start time which then guesses at the end time, locking in the timer. I recommend this app for freelancers who do a variety of different things for a variety of different clients.