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Very Useful!

Works great for tracking expense and mileage.

Elegant Simplicity

I have had this app for 3 years. I am an independent self employed contractor. I remodel kitchens and baths, but this app would cover me if I was a lawyer, a seamstress or if I had a Kool- aid stand on the corner. It is easy to use and RELIABLE. Recently I was going to switch over to the android world, the perfect time to do it with a broken iPhone. I ordered a replacement and set out to find replacement apps while I waited for the new phone to arrive. I was astonished to find that the android world has nothing to offer that combines 1. Tracking Time 2. Tracking expenses. 3. Nicely formatted reports. 4. Support for Dropbox "backup on close". 5. A sensible one time fee for purchase without restrictions. The reliability is important because there is nothing quite as expensive as a program like this that forgets, hours, days, or weeks of your time. When I use this, my routine is to look at my watch and survey the job site, customers mood, chit chat, review. I finally strap on the work belt and at some point I remember to "clock -in". I open the program and verify the day at the top (there is a "today" button that will jump you from your last use). I select add entry select time and then if I want I can modify the start time to recapture some portion of my actual arrival time. Hit the start button, and then you can confidently close the app knowing that you are on the clock. A little red ball indicator appears on the app icon on the opening screen indicating that your clock is running. Incidentally, park this app on the opening screen and every time you turn on the phone you will see it. As I go through the day I add expenses. This involves manual entry. There isn't a camera app for taking Picts of the receipt. I have mixed feelings about whether that would be an enhancement or encumbrance. Of course at the end of the day I can punch out on the clock . It is adjustable to account for lots of things that require adjustment after the fact. The app gets closed and the days data is automagically sent to the clouds, Dropbox in my case. Reports are the combination of time and expense and can be emailed in PDF format. I mail it to my self, and copy and paste it into an invoice for the customer as a detailed summary. Customers seem to like the level of detail and usually that translates into quick payment. That's the end goal of all of this - payment for your time and effort. This program keeps stuff from falling through the cracks. Amazon graciously agreed to take back the unopened Android and I ended up getting the old iPhone repaired . A little bit of serenity has returned to my life, all because of this elegantly simple app.

A life savor

I like this application very much as it saves me a lot of time and trouble of trying to remember and record all expenses. I recommended it to several people and everyone is using it and is very happy.

Trying to make this work

I have worked with this app and asked for support, but in my opinion, I have not received any support nor can I figure out how to use it based on what it claimed to be "simple". I thought I could have an app that I could simply put a client's name in and another client's name and at the end of the month give each client a printout of the work I have done, not so, it may be there, but their are no instructions or help from the developer, I will pass on this app.

Director of Operations

I wish I could get my money back. I don't like it. You can't add details so your expense is complete. Like hourly rate

A time saving app

Time tracker has been invaluable for me to track client billing, and tax related information. I've been using it for several years and recommend it to other small business owners all the time.

Room for improvement

For $10 app is ok, but should be way better. Would be nice if I could take a picture of a receipt and attach it as an expense. Kind of pointless filling out a expense report when I can't attach a pic to it for proof. Also it would be nice to use gps to track mileage instead of entering odometer reading. It would be nice if I could just enter a job site and click time to start tracking time and also be able to click mileage to start tracking mileage instead of having to enter everything individually.


This works well, is easy to use, and meets most of my needs.

Excellent app

This app is very flexible in keeping track of your work time by client and project. Handles expense tracking well also.


Program was by far better than any mileage, time, or expense tracker I had used. The only issue I have is that when its emailed to someone it doesn't appear the same as shown. I would like a pdf format.

Simple But Powerdul

Have this app for many years. This is the time tracking app that fits my needs completely. I would go try some new and fancy apps. Then, always come back to this app because the other apps make time entries a lot more complicated then it needs to be. What I love the most about this app is its simplicity. But it has all the advanced features that I need: timers, tracking client, project, and tasks. And expense tracking (although I don't use it often). Also the ability to email and print reports. And it's the only app I've tried that lets me set decimal places for hours. The other apps only go to 0.25 for example. This app lets you set it to rounding to 0.3 (because this is the way our work time entry system would accept). Some request: Please make it easier to edit Client, Project, and Task lists. In fact, I have no way of "editing" except to add a new one and delete the old one. Also it would be nice to clock in and out at the home page where the lists of entries are. Thank you!

Love this App

This is a great App. Makes tracking of time & mileage very easy. Will also track expenses but I don't have a need for that part. Makes great reports also.

Time, Expense, Mileage Tracking and Reporting made simple

I've been using this app for about 2 years. I'm a technology consultant that deals with multiple clients. TDF Tracker is so incredibly easy to use. The report function provides the right details that my clients need to see to support my invoices. I also have done some general construction contracting on the side and was able to track my workers time and produce reports that supported what their pay was for the week. My wife uses it in the role of paid trustee of a trust to support her billing for time, expenses and mileage. A very, very versatile application. Best of all, their is no online service that you need to pay a monthly fee for like most of the other time tracking options. If your an individual that just needs to track your own time and expenses or just a few other people, this is a GREAT way to go.


I have been looking for an app to do what this one does for a long time. It's simple yet powerful and the interface is fairly intuitive. If you have multiple clients, with multiple projects or jobs and several tasks for each and need to track time, expenses and mileage then look no further. Yes, the app is 10 bucks, but if you miss billing or getting reimbursed for 20 miles, one lunch or an hour of work, you've lost more than that. The reports are clean, well laid out and have the option to preview before submitting or printing. The app also links to Dropbox for backup. I've had probably 10 other apps trying to find one as perfect. Save yourself time and frustration and look no further than here.

Very Serviceable App

I've tried numerous time tracking apps, and found Time Tracker to be the most useful and easy to use. I don't need complex tracking; as a consultant, my primary need is keeping up with billable hours. Time Tracker does this simply without a lot of folderol.

Great App / Everyday user

Yes, this is a great app that I personally use everyday.

I depend heavily on this app

I'm a small business owner who bills for my time. I also have to track mileage. This app makes those things very easy. It works well and has become part of my life.

Lifesaver for small business or road warrior

This app is a must have for anybody that owns their own small business or that must turn in expense accounts. It would be nice if you could attach an hourly rate, but this isn't an accounting app, it is the best tracking app I have seen. Thanks for simplifying my life with one less headache!

Simple, straightforward and FAST

I’ve been using it for about 3 years for consulting, and absolutely love it. It’s a perfect on-the-go quick time-entry system with effective UI, ease of backup and emailable reports that come in .csv for easy importing. For the cheap price, it’s literally paid for itself thousands of times over.

Great App

I was looking for a simple app the can be used to track time and expenses for multiple projects. This app does a great job. Very easy to use. I have recommended it to many of my coworkers. If it had the ability to link to a receipt image it would be perfect.

no longer works with IOS8

Used to be a great app but no longer works properly with the iOS 8 upgrade please fix !!!!

Perfect for small businesses

Owners of small businesses often find themselves working all hours of the day and night. This app is perfect to keep up with your time. Recommend this to anyone in business for themselves.

Great resource tool!

TDF Tracker has been helpful tracking time for my "at home" job! I'm able to log down time, mileage and expenses which I never did before to calculate pricing. Instead of everything being filed on sticky notes, I can have it all organized through the system. Worth the price!!

Just about perfect

I've tried a lot of apps to keep track of time and mileage and none of them worked as easily for me as this one does. Can they make improvements? Sure, but only to nit picky things. The core of this app is solid. Don't settle on another until you've tried this one. I think you'll like it as much as I do. Keep up the good work.

It is awesome.

It is so cool.

A great, fast and easy app

I have been using this app for several years. It is easy to master and really easy to work with in real time. It sends a email report of the months work which I can drop into excel or Numbers, customize to the fields I want, and it's ready to submit to the powers that be. A great help.

Doesn't keep track of hourly totals

Doesn't keep track of hourly totals

Great app

Works as intended and well.

Great for tracking

Awesome, love it, so simple to use

Great App!

I have recommended this app to several of my freelance coworkers, and everyone loves it. I've been using it for years to keep track of the work I do as an independent contractor, and it is a great, basic time keeping tool... It handles lunch breaks well, and incorporates mileage and expenses nicely. My only wish is for a simple way to get my report into my invoice template in Numbers via my iPad... Then it would be perfect!

Great app

This app works great it exports to csv and easy-to-use.

Good App

This one really works. Nice report format.

Great app

I've been using this app for over a year and love it and I've got many other people to use it too. The only thing I wish it had was an ability to sync my entries on my iPad version with the version on my phone. I don't always have my iPad with me and that would be a great feature. If it had that, I'd give it 5 stars.

Very limited reporting

The reporting ability is very limited. An excel report with blank lines between every data line???? Give me a break. Expect to do lots of pivot table work in excel if u want to use the data.

Great app for hourly contracts!

This is an excellent application for any contractor who is on the hourly basis or on the run. It gives me the liberty to choose specific times, track my mileage efficiently, and a very organized method to keep notes on what you did throughout the work day. My only complaints are that for what you get, it was a little pricy! That, and the interface is a little complicated at first. Though its competitor, OfficeTime may seem like a cleaner, more intuitive app for your hourly recording solution, the TDF Time Tracker has a superior export functionality where I simply can export it directly to email or as an attachment and it allocates and organizes everything for me! Not the case with OfficeTime. Maybe if they clean up TDF a bit more and lower the price would I give it 5 stars.

Keeps track of all I'd forget, and proves it!

Along with a good calendar and appointment scheduler, this app keeps track of my time spent, not only for proper billing, but to show accurately where the week went. Easy to establish categories and jobs, and you can quickly email the proof of your busyness to anyone who questions where you spent your time. This app can save a project when cuts come by quickly showing the project's need by proving the time invested.

Still Impressed

I just wanted to add another review for this app. I've been using it for almost four years now in my job as an IT consultant. Over the years, I've made a few requests and have been amazed at the quick response from the developer and how fast the requested changes were made. It has been indispensable for my multiple daily entries, tax time for mileage and expense, and for exporting to my billing program. Simplicity is truly the key as I can do everything I need from the exported file.

Insurance Claims Manager

My company uses this app to track non-revenue producing activities. It's a great way to summarize what you've done over a period of time.

App crashes on iPhone 5

I would give you guys a 5 star if I was using an iPhone 4/4s but this app crashes every other time on iPhone 5, I think that an app that cost almost $10 needs more updates, don't you think? I bought this app when I had my iPhone 4s, I still need it on my iPhone 5... Either update it or give me my money back...

Good app

This app is easy to use and does the job. There are some things I would like to see improved in future versions, but I have no major complaints.


As a partner in an architectural firm I am constantly jumping from project to project, phase to phase, etc. This program let's me keep accurate time sheets for each client with little or no guesswork or brain strain. I looked for an app like this for months and since I found it I have loved it! The problem is that we have recently converted our bookkeeping system to QuickBooks. The Time tracker program is not compatible with the QB invoicing system and this requires me to use Ebillity as a time tracking system. I HATE IT!!!!!!! Help me please,please, please?

Good app

App works great. Much easier than keeping time cards and it is easy to adjust time and mileage if you need to change the time later. Good product.


This is the most expensive and incomplete expense app I have purchased. It does not provide the amount of mileage expense owed for a trip, ie, .55, .14, etc, so I bought Biz Tracker which was almost half the price and provides what I need.

Good app

This is a good app, simple and intuitive. Needs some type of syncing option and to be updated for the iPhone 5 though. Overall, I recommend it.

It just works for me

Out of all of the apps I've downloaded in this category this one works best for me. Currently I'm a one man architectural office and have to keep track mostly of my time.

Great App! Good for on the go folks!

Would love to see cloud synch daily! Thanks for a great app!

Great tool for tracking projects

Easy to use. Reporting feature is handy.

Essential App for Consulting

Worth the price Easy to use. Convenient, well thought out. Wish it had automatic daily backup to cloud service and a sound-out chime when time tracking is running (user selectable every 15-, 30-, 60-, or 90-minutes) for better time management and to remind users to stop the timer (something I still forget to do). Maybe this can be incorporated in an update someday?

My most used app

I use it everyday!!!!!!

Makes my day a little easier.

It is my most used app.

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